Sửa Đầu Cân T7E

Sửa Đầu Cân T7E
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Sửa Đầu Cân T7E

Model:  YH-T7E hoặc TPS - Cas DH


Weighing Indicator YH-T7E adopts fast speed , high precision A/D conversion technology ,widely applied in electronic platform scale, electronic floor scale , and so on alike static weighing system equipped with 1-4 loadcell .


low power consumption, provided with different kinds of power saving mode.

Optional for RS232 communication with selectable baud rate and scoreboard interface

sending by 20mA current loop .

Various kind of weighing mode , with easy operation

AC/DC both available , could be recharged during power off .

Standard Function:

Peak hold function

Animal weighing function

Kg/lb switch function

Pre-set tare weight function

High-ok-low function

Weight accumulate , accumulate display ,accumulate clear fuction

ZERO trucking range , ZERO setting ( switch on / manually ) range , speed rate of zero

setting could be set separately .

Battery indication and alarm for low battery protection .


Input signal range -19mV-19mV

Loadcell excitation: DC5V;

Max. connection number of loadcell: 4 at 350ohm

Loadcell connection mode : 6 wires

Verfied counts 3000

Display 6 digits LED,6status indications

Display range -999999-999999

Power supply : AC 220v : 50-60hz DC In-built rechargeable battery

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